Pentagón is a lucha libre

Pentagón is a lucha libre

Pentagón is a lucha libre, or professional wrestling, persona also referred to as a gimmick that has been portrayed by a number of different people over the years. The gimmick was created as an Evil twin of professional wrestler Octagón and is always a rudo, or heel character (A character portraying the “bad guy” in wrestling.) The gimmick was created by AAA owner Antonio Peña in 1995, giving AAA the rights to the name “Pentagón”, which meant that when wrestlers who played Pentagón left AAA they had to modify the name such as “Pentagón Black”. There have been at least three distinctive versions of Pentagón
Following the introduction of the Pentagón persona Peña also introduced Pentagoncito, a Mini-Estrellas of Pentagón to act as the protagonist against the Mini-Estrella Octagoncito. There has been at least two diffent people under the Pentagoncito character. In 2012 AAA introduced Octagón, Jr., which led to the introduction of Pentagón Jr. a few months later.

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